Welcome to TRIKON - The tech Triathlon hosted by Intellia , this 28-hour hackathon at MIET is a blend of three exhilarating tech and non-tech activities. Experience the thrill of AI and ML in action as you dive into a world of innovation, creativity, and pure fun. Join us for an unforgettable journey where technology meets adventure, and where every moment is packed with excitement. Get ready to unleash your potential and make memories that will last a lifetime at TRIKON!

Countdown Complete!

Trikon 1.0 Winners

Team Elix

  • Namit
  • Priyansh
  • Deepanshu

Mace Weilders

  • Lovely
  • Vishu Malik
  • Sagar Sharma
  • Vansh Arora
  • Gauri Gautam

5 Bits

  • Yagyansh Singh Deshwal
  • Kunj Agarwal
  • Sparsh Pandey
  • Ayush Bisht
  • Suryansh Patwal

Why to participate ?

cash care

fun fare

cognitive connections

tech time

fancy foods

smart swags

Cash Prize






If a team integrates hardware using microcontrollers (such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi) into their project, they will receive a prize of Rs.20,000 upon winning.

If their project is solely software-based, they will be offered Rs.10,000.

1st Runnerup





If a team integrates hardware using microcontrollers (such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi) into their project, they will receive a prize of Rs.10,000 upon winning.

If their project is solely software-based, they will be offered Rs.5,000.

2nd Runnerup





If a team integrates hardware using microcontrollers (such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi) into their project, they will receive a prize of Rs.5,000 upon winning.

If their project is solely software-based, they will be offered Rs.2,500.

Working Process

Trikon 1.0 Hackathon Timeline

📅 1st April

Registration Begins !!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

📝 10th April

Shortlisting Begins

The search for the boldest adventurers commences.

🌟 17th April

Final Teams Announcement

Meet the fearless squads ready to conquer.

🏁 20th April

Hackathon Kickoff

Let the Trikon 1.0 Challenge begin!

🔴 1st Elimination by 20 April, 4:30pm

🔴 2nd Elimination by 21 April, 6:00am

🎉 21st April, 11 AM

Winners Announcement & Prize Distribution

Celebrate the triumphant champions and their glory!

⏳ 21st April, 12 NOON

Hackathon Conclusion & Closing Ceremony

Bid farewell to an unforgettable journey.

Hackathon Hub

Challenge My Hack
Challenge My Hack -Refine your idea that you have submitted on the devfolio and create it's ppt for the hackathon.

How to get shortlisted ?

• Make a ppt as per the given template

• Make your ppt look attractive

• Quality content of every slide

Hack Hangover
Hack Hangover -Here you will be making your idea into a project and your work progress will be evaluated by the evaluators.

How to get shortlisted ?

• Develop a complete prototype

• Use AI/ML technologies

Pitch the Hack
Pitch the Hack -Now it's time to convert your project into product and then you have to pitch your product to the founders of several startups.

how to get shortlisted ?

• Engaging pitch for your product

• Valid business model & feasibility of your product

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Ashutosh Vashistha

Founder at Innogical

CEO at Innogical | Founder Classtep | Co-Founder of WEBQUENCY

Arya Soni

DevOps @Zupee | CTO @Xerocodee

2 years of professional experience in the tech industry with a focus on DevOps engineering, product management, and leadership in a dynamic startup environment.

Ayush Kumar

DevRel @TechLatest.Net | Building @OpenGig

Ayush Kumar is a Developer Advocate at TechLatest.Net. He is an Open Source Enthusiast, Full Stack Developer, Community Manager, DevRel Engineer, AWS Community Builder, and GitHub Campus Expert.

Shashwat Ratan

Head Of R&D of Swaja labs & Swaja Robotics

Shashwat Ratan is a pioneer in crowdsourcing and building products for the underserved. He is a lifetime INK fellow and RC Fellow.

Sanyam Arora

Senior Embedded Engineer at Swaja Robotics Pvt ltd.

Sanyam Arora is working as Senior Embedded Engineer at Swaja Robotics Pvt ltd. Developing next generation automation products. He contributed significantly in Opensource community and presented technical research papers .


Atul Pratap Singh

Full stack development

Php Developer @NexGen | CORE TEAM MEMBER GOOGLE DSC MIET 23 | CO-FOUNDER BR SoftSol | FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPER | 1 x AWS CERTIFIED | 3,365 ⭐ Global Rank in Leetcode

Madhur Agrawal

Cloud, AIML

AWS Certified, Amazon ML Summer Scholar

Adhiraj Pandey

Backend Development & Data Engineering

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Data Science from MIET. B.S Data Science and Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Deepak Goel

Presentation Coach

Goal-oriented individual with a pleasant personality and a tenacity that knows no restrictions. I can put my efforts and skills for the development of the organization and enhance my skills and to be successful in every sphere of life by performing well to my duties.

Satyam Sangwan

Full stack development

I am an experienced Full Stack Developer who has received certification from IIT Kanpur. Also, I completed an internship at IIT Kanpur. I am also a finalist in IIT Guwahati's Hackathon - Ethos, where I showed my capacity to develop and provide solutions.

Sidharth Agarwal

Web Development

A person with good communication skills and a knack for learning new things.

Vani Mittal

Web Development

Software Developer. Gold MLSA. WGMIT Lead @Microsoft

Swati Paliwal

App(flutter) & cloud dev

Proficient in Flutter, Java, app development, graphics designing, with basic to intermediate knowledge about cloud tech such as AWS and GCP and Azure. My expertise lies in crafting intuitive, user-centric applications and visually appealing designs.

Ashutosh Rana

Cloud Dev

Google Cloud Certified: CDL | Microsoft Azure Certified: AZ900 | Java | Salesforce Ranger Trailblazer | Google DSC Lead '23 | Beta MLSA | Salesforce Consultant

Organizing Team

Faculty Co-ordinators

Dr. Rambir Singh

Dr. Rambir Singh


AI and AI-ML

Dr. Pradeep pant

Dr. Pradeep pant


Intellia Society

Dr. Anamika Singh
Dr. Anamika Singh

Associate Professor


Mr. Mohit Kumar

Mr. Mohit Kumar

Assistant Professor


Event Coordinators

Mr. Aamir Sohail
Mr. Aamir Sohail

Assistant professor


Mr. Umesh Kumar
Mr. Umesh Kumar

Assistant professor

AI and AI-ML

Faculty Evaluators

Mrs. Mohini Preetam Singh
Mrs. Mohini Preetam Singh

Assistant Professor


Mr. Kunwar Babar Ali
Mr. Kunwar Babar Ali

Assistant Professor


Student Co-ordinators

Veer Pratap Singh
Veer Pratap Singh


Suvansh Jindal
Suvansh Jindal

Student Co-ordinator


Utkarsh Garg
Utkarsh Garg

Student Co-ordinator


Intellia Society

Intellia is a leading hub for AI and AIML enthusiasts, driving innovation through dynamic events and collaborative initiatives, shaping the future of technology.

Meet Our Team

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The maximum team size is 3-5 participants.
Teams are required to submit their documentation at the time of registration.
No, teams can register with a minimum of three members.
Yes, the registration deadline is by April,13, and all submissions must be made before that date.